Build to Rent

Our Build-to-Rent offer is particularly aimed at those interested in realizing their dream home with little own funds or for a flexible period of time.

Flexible & Unique

Our house building options make the process flexible in different ways. In the case of a self-build, the selected property will be developed in the region of your choosing. Furthermore, the house will be built according entirely to your wishes and needs – from the floor plan down to the colour of the walls.

Financial advantages

During the course of your residency, you will pay a monthly rental fee, similar to a typical monthly rent. Furthermore this eliminates the usual financing through one’s own equity and the strain on the bank credit rating. Only a deposit is required.

Freedom of choice

After ten years, you will have the option to buy the house at a fixed price, which will be defined during the initial planning stage. However, you will still be able to sublet or to inherit your property.

What is Build to Rent?

Build to Rent, also known as a lease/ instalment purchase, enables the desired house to be built on the selected plot of land. The Bee Cashback Home Group is responsible for purchasing the property, as well as for the construction of the house. You move into the house on the basis of a lease purchase agreement, so you do not have to use your own equity and put a strain on your bank credit rating. The lease purchase agreement is fixed for 40 years, and after this period of time the house becomes yours. You will also have the option, after ten years, to buy the house at a fixed price, which will be defined during the initial planning stage and will not change.

The advantages at a glance:


Please send us a request if you are interested in our Build to Rent model and we will contact you.

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