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Bee Living Deal Homes

Dreaming big in a small area – this is what our Living Deal Homes offer. In just eight months, these 100 to 150 square meter houses are built and ready for use, all at an exceptionally low cost. And despite the small time frame, the neo-ecological standards and Fair Construction Code are consistently adhered to throughout the entire construction process.

Bee Planing Tool Homes

Build and furnish your dream house in our virtual world. For the first time, you can see and get a feel for your house and make various changes. In cooperation with our architects, your individual, cost-efficient dream house will be built according to neo- ecological standards.

Bee Luxury & Green Homes

As the old saying goes,“Go the whole nine yards.” With our Luxury Homes we combine your personal wishes, in terms of design, aesthetics, and interior, with the latest findings from the field of residential environmental psychology and the most modern technologies of household management. Your new home will be your personal refuge.

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Bee Cashback Home Group

We believe in the unlimited possibilities of perfecting neo-ecological house construction for the good of the environment and according to the Fair Construction Code.

The Bee Cashback Home Group makes your personal dream house a reality. We offer individual living arrangements and designs, as well as high-quality architecture from local master tradesmen. But our company philosophy goes far beyond that. Climate and environmental protection is our highest priority. Down to the planning of the very last roof tile, the entire construction process is carried out in accordance with the Fair Construction Code. All our buildings are designed as zero-energy houses, according to neo-ecological standards.