Virtual Reality World

In our virtual reality World, you can experience your dream house even before the first stone has been laid. Our innovative virtual reality technology enables the construction of a digital prototype of your new house, down to the smallest detail. A 3D, photorealistic tour and virtual trial residency ensure the highest level of certainty during the planning stages. This type of house construction is not only independent of time and place, but also particularly energy-efficient and designed according to neo-ecological standards.

Making it a Reality

Once the digital planning is completed with Bee Green World, the Bee Cashback Home Group will make your new dream house a reality, all in accordance with the Fair Construction Code. Our Bee Green World - Coaches will accompany you every step of the way to your completed house, ready for you to live in.


At Bee Green World the name says it all. In our VR World, you can build on properties virtually anywhere. Communication between the stakeholders is also digitally carried out via modern blockchain technology, so that the construction of a house can be easily planned and carried out across national borders.

Create your own virtual prototype before you build your house.